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Baby Carrier, Multifunction Baby Carrier Hip Seat (Ergonomic M Position)

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MULTI-FUNCTIONAL BABY CARRIER - Children's skeletal development will go through different stages between 3 and 36 months. Therefore, Ergonomic Baby Carrier designed a multi-functional baby carrier according to this stage of development. It has three combinations and six ways; you can freely change the ways of holding the baby according to your needs.

INTIMATE ERGONOMIC DESIGN - According to the research of international authorities, the shape can effectively reduce the hip joint force and prevent hip dislocation. Protect the normal development of baby bones. At the same time, 3D space memory cotton stool fits the contours of the baby's buttocks closely, in order to make the small buttocks not oppressed; fixes the baby's buttocks position and reduces the impact of bumps and shaking on the baby's spine in the walking state.

REASONABLE DISTRIBUTION OF LOAD-BEARING - 75mm widener, 20mm thicker shoulder strap, and 14cm widener belt, Scientifically reduce the burden. Distributes evenly the force points on the adult's abdomen, waist, and shoulders, and these three parts have a uniform tolerance to prevent spinal injuries caused by unreasonable load-bearing for a long time.

100% INTERNATIONAL CERTIFIED FABRIC - Ergonomic baby carrier is made of soft classical cotton with a polyester feel. The breathable effect is better than ordinary cotton. Natural, soft and comfortable, breathable, skin-friendly and durable. It is suitable for all seasons. The edges are wrapped with soft fabric to avoid scratching and take care of your baby's delicate skin.


  1. You can quickly wear this baby carrier in just 3 steps.
  2. The ergonomic baby carrier has a double lock in the shoulder and waist which can protect your baby and you. Let you travel safely and enjoy freedom.
  3. Windproof cap design protects your baby from the wind and sun.