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Bonnet Bluetooth

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The days are getting shorter and exercising outside can be tricky. That's why we designed the bluetooth cap!



The beanie is equipped with a headlamp with 3 increasingly bright intensities. The autonomy of the lamp is 8 hours. Once it has run out of battery, you just have to separate the lamp from the cap and put it to charge with the supplied cable.

Integrated headphones & Bluetooth

The bluetooth connection with your smartphone is very easy to achieve. The headphones integrated into the cap allow you to listen to your music and receive your calls while having your hands free.


Probably the most comfortable beanie you will ever wear! You'll keep your ears warm all winter long and always see what's in front of you thanks to the integrated headlamp you won't even feel.


The lamp recharges quickly with the supplied cable. To wash your hat, all you need to do is take off the headphones and headlamp before washing it. You can also put the hat in the dryer, it will not be damaged and will always stay like new!